Top Ten Drake Songs

Top Ten Drake Songs

When trying to compile this list I quickly realized that this guy has the most extensive catalogue as a rapper ever, imo. I initially tried to do Drakes top ten songs overall, but had to settle for two list of ten because heartbreak Drake has his own list of bangers as far as I’m concerned. Let me know what you think about this list and if you disagree.

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Heartbreak Drake

10. “Teenage Fever”

9. “I get lonely too”

8. “Shot For Me”

7. “Doing It Wrong”

6. “Marvins Room”

5. “Fall For Your Type”

#4 Hate Sleeping Alone

Bonus Track (only on iTunes) off of TakeCare.
Here, Drake details a complicated relationship that he’s staying in just because he hates sleeping alone.

#3 Girls Love Beyonce 

Drake touches on societal values in this song, and how he is a product of it, although he doesn’t fully agree with it. He continuously expresses his struggles with women and how it may be to late to have a life he once invisioned for himself . 

#2 Cameras / Good Ones Go

 Starts the song talking about a problem with a relationship & how he can’t separate his professional career vs his personal life. Unable to prioritize his relationship Drake new it wasn’t fair to keep a her around without being able to devote more  time to her.

#1 Club Paradise 

Drake touches on the problems with money and fame has brought. Doesn’t understand why he gets so much flack for chasing his dreams and balancing old relationships with this new stardom. 

Top Ten Rap Songs

10. Back to Back & Over My Dead Body

9. March 14

8. Do Not Disturb 

7. Tuscan Leather

6. 5am In Toronto 

5. The Calm

#4 Lord Konows

One of his greatest stand out verses of all time and where yolo was first originated. 

#3 9am In Dalllas

One of my favorite Drake songs of all time. Drake started to talk that talk as his confidence is skyrocketing.

#2 Fear

The metaphors, the wordplay, the delivery. One of his most complete songs. 

#1 Look What You’ve Done

Being able to deliver his experiences in a very relatable way. This song is bound to make everybody feel something.

Tell me what you think of this list and what you think I left out! If you haven’t heard of all these songs, you’re welcome in advanced. 

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