Three Simple Ways Reducing Your CO2 Footprint Can Save You Money

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Bring Your Own Cup & Bag

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Nobody knows the exact magnitude that plastic has on the planet. But I think everybody can agree, it’s not good. Here are two ways to limit your disposable plastic use.

Bring Your Own Cup

There are many local coffee shops that offer cup discounts and there are many cup alternatives that are minimal cost and allow you to see a return on your investment rather quickly. 

  • Current incentive: Earn a $.10 discount every drink you get with you’re reusable cup. 

Bring Your Own Bag

  • Current incentive: Earn a $.05 discount for every reusable bag you bring in to use.
Whole Foods
  • Current incentive: Earn a $.10 discount for every reusable bag you bring in to use.
Trader Joes 
  • Current incentives: Some Trader Joe’s stores offer a $.05 discount per reusable bag you bring in to use. Other Trader Joe’s stores offer one entry into a weekly raffle for a $25 Trader Joe’s gift card each time you shop with reusable bags. Offers vary by store so check your local store to find out what their program is.

Washing Clothes in Cold Water

Laundry detergents used to be design for warm water. Today there are many detergent options that have been designed to release enzymes in cold water. If the detergent says it’s best in warm or hot water, you can dissolve the detergent in a small amount of warm water before throwing it in your cold laundry cycle. 


– Clothes Life Cycle: Cold-water washing means clothing is less likely to shrink or fade and ruin clothes. Not all stains respond to warmer water. For example, blood and sweat can actually set into fabric in hot water

– Energy Bill: By not heating the water in your washing machine, you may reduce your energy costs with every load. An estimated 75 to 90 percent of all the energy your washer uses goes to warming up the water, so switching to colder water can lower your gas or electric bill

Tip: If someone is sick, washing bedding, towels in hot water can help stop the spread of germs. 

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