Three Qualities Student Athletes Should Leverage When Going Corporate

3. Know How To Operate In An Organizational Hierarchy

If you’re a collegiate athlete, you have most likely been playing sports for a long time. If you look back on your career and think when you had the most individual success and overall team success, it’s almost a direct correlation to the coaching. The best coaches are very good at developing players and culture. This is the exact same thing with managers and executives. Picking your boss is fairly similar to picking your coach. Do this wisely as they have a tremendous impact on your career. 

2. You Have a Story, Use It To Your Advantage

You have a unique story of how you got to where you are. Find a way that makes it hard for an employer not to quickly realize your value. Relate your collegiate athletic experience to a corporate setting with specific examples. Write down and rehearse telling your story because you will be telling it a lot. Don’t undersell yourself, there’s a reason you’ve gotten where you are, this is the time to humbly describe why you have had success. 

1. Work Ethic, Time Management, Results Oriented

This one is easy and should go without having to be said, but again don’t undersell yourself. Talk about your work ethic and how you can apply yourself to whatever you put your mind to. Talk about your excellent time management skills because we all know sports, school, and everything else takes balance. Talk about your competitive nature and how results drive you. After all, you’ve accomplished something a lot of people couldn’t, now use it to your advantage. 

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