Prepare For The Future

Having your money make money. You have probably heard this phrase but many people don’t even know where to start, and I imagine there is a large amount of people that never learned financial literacy.

It’s almost 2019 and investing is easier than it’s ever been before. Instead of paying a brokering firm you can literally become your own broker in a matter of seconds today, with essential no barrier to entry.

Investing is important because it allows you to accumulate wealth via another stream. In most major cities the income to cost of living ratio is high.  The average first time homebuyer age is higher than it has ever been and the cost of living is not going down.

I think most people understand the importance of savings, but there are ways out there to help expedite the growth. As a millennial I don’t want my first home purchase to come at the age of 35, sorry.

How to pick the right investments? 

While you can make money investing, there is always a chance you may lose money. When investing you should do some sort of risk assessment and figure out what that volatility level for you may be.  It’s different for everybody, and everybody may have a different way to mitigate this risk, a popular method is diversification.

Another method you may try is making lifestyle changes to cut back on expenses and use the money you don’t “need” aka rely on to live, to invest.

Looking at history

 Looking back in time is a good gauge on where a stock may be going, or what new stocks may be a good investment. Essentially if you can identify trends early you can increase your odds to make money. Identifying trends isn’t as hard as you may imagine. Introspectively look at what your buying, or even influencers.  You can probably gauge interest on just doing simple due diligence via social media. If this isn’t your thing, try looking at google trends. Google trends allows you to look at trends from the past to present. For example the top three most searched fortune 500 companies in 2013 were Google, Facebook, and Apple. If you were to invest in any of these stocks in 2013 and kept until present, you would have currently doubled-tripled your money with relatively low risk. If you had invested in something like Bitcoin in 2013 you would have over 34x your money today. Something like Bitcoin is very risky, but if you had a few dollars that you can play with, it can lead to an increase in wealth.


Where to start

Open an individual brokerage account. RobinHood is a good one that you can download on your phone. You can invest with no fees associated, so you can begin with any dollar amount. 


The best part is there is always going to be something new. Do your due diligence and look at the trends. It’s even better if you believe in the product because it is more likely that other people will eventually believe in it too. 


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